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  • 18 February 2019

    After months of being off line, I am returning on blog. All those who sent me the e-mails I must ask for patience. I have got lots of spam so I must clean my server before I start to answer.

  • 15 May 2018

    “Nurek” (Diver) is ready to sail. I weathered model a bit, because I dislike the brand new looking ships. This was an inconspicuous but cute ship. It sunk in Oksywie base hit by the 250kg bomb during the air raid. As added two more pictures with “Smok” tug.

  • 14 May 2018

    Polish “Smok” (Dragon) – finished and under white and red ensign. Wash looks much better in natural light. Probably Kriegsmarine’s „Rixhöft” overlook and colour was the same. Some of the rigging elements are made of photo-eched elements. They look a bit too heavy. Maybe in the future I will change them.

  • Today, I’ve got nothing to say. Pictures tells the whole story. Both ships are waiting on the ensigns, while I am waiting untill matt Humbrol varnish will be dry and cured.

  • 24 April 2018

    Short photo relation from my workshop. “Achilleas” is fixed to the plasticine handle.  It’s ugly but useful way to finnish the model. The railings and other metal stuff is glued to the body. Now it’s time to wash the ship and to add the masts and rigging. Did I mentioned I hate this 😉

  • 21 April 2018

    After a short brake I am returning to 1/700 ships. You may find some pictures of two Polish ships – “Nurek” (Diver) and “Smok” (Dragon). They are assembled abd painted. I fixed the colours with a thin coat of gloss varnish. I must add the stairs on the tug, wash the surfaces and add the rigging.

  • Before I finished the pair “Pionier/Njord” I suddenly realized how strange this ship were. With the hudge bow, and the missing aft. But as I started to add the railings and the whole rigging the shape of the ship became even cute. Tommorow I am starting to finish three coasters from Westerbroek 🙂

  • 7 April 2018

    I’ve got a strange feeling, the longer I am doing these projects the distance to the goal is longer and longer. Maybe that’s why I am posting the pictures so frequently to have the proof I am moving forward. Today I’ve finnished basic paintings and putting decals on all of my merchant ships. Some of the colours looks over saturated but after washing […]

  • Yesterday I put basic colours on “Achilles” and “Pionier I”. Today for the firs time I put the dacal with the name of the port, which is a very special place for me. I wonder if anyone made a ship based in Gdynia in 1/700 scale. I placed the whole decal set on Achilles. So far I am very happy with the result. […]

  • To speed up the modelling I’m going to work on five ships simulaneously. Three modern coasters are at the very first stage of the process, while Pionier/Njord they have base colours put on the body. Because of malfunction of my airbrush I was forced to put colours on Njord’s hull with a brush and than fix it with three thin coats of acrylic […]