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  • 11 December 2017

    Main parts are ready to assemble the prototype. Now it’s time for final touches and preparing the photo-etched parts. So far, I am very pleased that model looks really nice. I cannot wait to paint and wash the tiny ribbings on boards and the stern.

  • While “Pionier I” is milling I would like to show you my next Scottish inspitarion. A tiny and beautiful “Glasgow Puffer” spotted in Inveraray. Lots of them supplied smal ports in Western Scottland. Oryginally the funnel was placed in front of the weelhouse. The most famous ship of this class was “Vital Spark”. Here is the link for the nice sea shanty (low [...]

  • During my trip to Scotland I visited many small but beautiful ports. This was an impulse for me to get back to my roots. I decided to create a verstile set of small coastal vessels. My first choice is an old fashioned motor ship built in Finnland as “Njord”, than sold to Poland and named “Pionier I”. Finaly bought by Norwegian company. She [...]

  • One of my recent trips was to Islay in Scotland. Incerdible landscape, friendly people, delicious cuisine. I was lucky, cause even weather was stable and beautiful.

  • 27 November 2017

    Those who are sick and tired of my damn buses may skip this entry on the blog. The good news is I’ve just finished the Skoda/Jelcz familly buses by adding the final element – flexible buses used in Polish towns during 70ties. What a relief :)

  • 19 November 2017

    Recently I was away from 1:700 scale, doing some other projects, in much bigger scales. I was also travelling for quite a long time. Besides I am still lookong for a suitable and affordable place for my lab. Meantime I’ve finished a nice couple of English Double-deckers. The red one is from London, while the green beauty is from Liverpool. They are waiting [...]

  • 17 September 2017

    Last two weeks I was involved in 1:87 project – Soda water dispenser, very common on Polish strteets during communist times. You may notice the glass in the last pictures, clear resin cast.

  • RafaĹ‚ Starowicz is one of the ablest micromodellers I’ve ever known. All comments are pointless. Just watch and enjoy…

  • One of my German friends asked me a couple weeks ago if I could scratchbuild for him two post war German trains. His order was quite difficult for me, because my knowledge about DB trains is unfortunately close to nothing. He sent me some drawings and that’s how these two beauties were born. Painting the thin stripes around the body was true pain [...]

  • After glueing all the pieces together I used acrylic paints and enamel washes to finish the models. As a final touch I made two towing bars from worn out E-string from my Stratocaster and painted them red and white. The cables made from 0,05mm fishing line will be added later.