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  • 11 February 2018

    This week I went to Gdynia to meet some friends and modellers. Meantime I visited the Maritime Museums based in Gdynia and GdaĹ„sk. I had a chance to admire beautifuly restored pre war yacht “General Zaruski”. In GdaĹ„sk I found Puck diorama made by famous Polish modeller Andrzej SadĹ‚owski. After Andrzej’s death his models dissapeared without a trace. Fortunately this masterpiece finally found [...]

  • 28 January 2018

    Today I opened the parcel wich was delivered recently.  It included tiny etched parts for my vessels. An hour ago I’ve finally sent the file with decals to the printing house. It’s time to come back to hulls and quarterdecks and bridges.

  • 15 January 2018

    I’ve finished it fifteen minutes before the deadline. I did my very best to complete Gandalf’s figure on time. I’m happy it’s over. Now it’s time get back to my ships :D

  • 11 January 2018

    Time is running out, thus today’s post will be really short. The ground is shaped and painted. I used Woodland acrylics. Some small parts are already placed.

  • New Year I started with small but a bit complicated project for one of my clients, who is crazy about Tolkien. Bilbo Baggin’s house is the main element of this small diorama. I made the fronts of Hobbit’s houses and cast them in resin so the doors may be optionaly opened. Those of you who would like to buy this set, please drop [...]

  • “Frenchmen” – it’s a colloquial name for five classic tramp steamers bought in French shipyard Chantiers Navals Français for Polish Merchant Navy in 1927. They served luckily before and during the II WW with one exception. S/s “ToruĹ„” was scuttled and in Gdynia in 1939 and after the Polish campaign used by the Germans. After the war it happily returned to Poland. Over [...]

  • 2 January 2018

    One of my favourite Polish pre war ships. Built in 1936, she entered the service the same year. Lost in tragic circumstances in Oksywie naval base during the first aerial attack on september the 1st. Direct hit of 250kg bomb near the funnel killed 16 men and sunk the ship instantly. The quarterdeck needs some work, but the basic framework is done. [...]

  • My very last post this year is about three small ships in my shipyard. “Pionier/Njord” is almost ready (still anchors and other small stuff is needed). “Bug/Lola” is waiting on quarterdeck assembling. The brand new “Boxer/Leopold” tug is quickly put together, just minutes ago. The fourth ship will be presented in the first post next year ;)

  • 27 December 2017

    The hull must be shaped, lots of small elements are missing, but the overal silouette of this tiny coaster is looking quite nice. Under the brigde I placed the element with the windows, which is prepared for English and Greek variant. Standing beside “Lola” my “Pionier I” vel “Njord” looks old fashioned. You may notice the resin figure I have sculpted and painted [...]

  • 22 December 2017

    Surfing in the net I found a bounch of quite interesting pictures from Westerbroek. “Achilleos” and “Suffolk Coast” are my favourites.  This link is also fascinating.