evadam | Seagoing Tug “ORP Smok”/”Rixhöft”
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Seagoing Tug “ORP Smok”/”Rixhöft”

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The set allows you to build seagoing Tugboat. Comissioned in La Rochelle in 1922, named “Boxeur” she served in Bordeax harbour. Than bought and sent to Antwerp where she was registered as “Leopold”. In 1930 Polish Navy purchased the ship, armed with two 37mm canons and two heavy machine guns. Finally ship was renamed “Smok” (Dragon) and clasified as auxillary ship. In September 1939, after the defeat “Smok” was scuttled. Raised by the Germans she was repaired, once again ranamed as “Rixhöft” and used by Kriegsmarine. Ultimately the ship sunk by the mine in March 1945.

The model includes photo-etched parts. The masts and booms are not included.





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