Zil 130 – prototypes

23 May 2015
Zil-130 – Next model I always wanted to have in my range. As you can see I made several variants of this truck. Below you may find a short info about this truck.

Zil-130 is a Soviet/Russian truck produced by ZIL in Moscow, Russia. It replaced the older ZIL-164, that only slightly differ from its predecessor ZIS-150, that in its turn was completely copied from the ‘1942-‘1945 International Harvester K-8 truck. First prototypes were built in 1958. Produced since 1962, mass-produced since 1964. Was one of the most popular cargo trucks in the USSR and other communist countries, in total ZIL made 3,380,000 up to 1994.

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  1. Air General

    Great stuff. I use them for my 3mm Cold War wargaming project, but I need more versions for my Soviet airfields – eg tractors with tank semitrailers. Any ideas? ­čśë

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