Water – step by step

29 November 2016
I recieve more and mode emails with the questions about the way I model the water in 1/700 scale. Today I want to explain the simple little method I use. All you need is the base, acrylic paints, different brushes and the secret Wunderwaffe which is Mod Podge glossy version.


For my test I used four colours – black, pale blue, pale green and white. A used a medium size brush and mixed the paint directly on the base. I started with the black colour and than added some blue green and white highlights. As you can see I made four different patterns with the same set of colours.

Mod Podge:

First one or two coats of Mod Podge I applied to protect the base. Next three layers were added to elevate the waves. I gently used the soft brush try to avoid the air bubbles. Second to last coat of Mod Podge was used to glue the boat and add the wake and bow waves. Than I added some white highlights to the surface around the boat. Finally the thin coat of Mod Podge was applied to add some small waves on the whole base.

ATTENTION: Do not hurry with the Mod Podge which sometimes needs about 48 hours to be comlpletly dry.

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    Very interesting and inspiring tutorial.
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