Blast Furnace 3D – exhaust and hot air blast

21 August 2016
This project was on my mind for over three years, but due to its comlexity I strongly believed that creating it from the scratch will be time consuming and very difficult. That’s why I always had something “more important” to do ­čśë The situation has changed since I’ve bought the CNC machine and started to use 3D programs. This method allows me to create and than assemble the virtual elements, and what is more important it gives me the certainty, that all these components will fit each other in the real world.

The project is based on the blast furnances from two shut down steelworks in Poland – Starachowice and Nowa Ruda. Although this model is the most clomplicated project I’ve ever made, I hope it will give me lots of experience and satisfaction. I started with ventilation system and Cowper Stoves. You may notice the worker silouette I placed on the stove platform, to show the proportions.

Last but not least I found 3D modeling as a great solution during holydays ­čÖé

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