New Büssings with new decals

13 June 2015
This week I finished a couple of new models. One of them are two German Büssings. I put the set of brand new decals on them and took some pictures. I hope you are going to like them.


  1. |

    I want them all and I want it now 😀

  2. evadam

    Thnx for a nice comment pal
    Stay tunned

  3. |

    Hi , Adam,

    Great job !
    same procedere as every order (Hope not)
    You will get the order in a few days.


  4. G-loco

    Holy s… :O
    I tell ya pal, these trucks are awsome.

  5. Monty

    Best vehicles I’ve ever seen in this scale.
    Respect mate.

  6. evadam

    Thank you very much.

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