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  • Before I finished the pair “Pionier/Njord” I suddenly realized how strange this ship were. With the hudge bow, and the missing aft. But as I started to add the railings and the whole rigging the shape of the ship became even cute. Tommorow I am starting to finish three coasters from Westerbroek ­čÖé

  • 12 March 2018

    Today was the day I felt a bit like a father in the delivery ward while I was unmolding the first model of ORP “Smok” (Dragon). With the shaking hands I started to try the elements together. In a few minutes I realized model number 001 was well cast. Besides I am a week late I am very happy with the result. Tommorow […]

  • 1 March 2018

    Doesn’t matter if it’s 1:1 or 1:700 scale, outfitting is always time consuming and difficult process. Constant probes, glueing small parts together using PVA glue and dismonuting is the only way to make sure the final model would be perfect. It is also an art of compromise. “Leopold” is practicaly finished. The bridge is ready as well as lifeboats and funnel. I’ve also […]

  • 27 December 2017

    The hull must be shaped, lots of small elements are missing, but the overal silouette of this tiny coaster is looking quite nice. Under the brigde I placed the element with the windows, which is prepared for English and Greek variant. Standing beside “Lola” my “Pionier I” vel “Njord” looks old fashioned. You may notice the resin figure I have sculpted and painted […]