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  • 14 October 2016

    Models were shaped, assembled, grinded, moulded and casted. Shorter verision is painted in colours known from Bern (Switzerland), while the inspiration for the second variant was Saurer from the film “La Veuve Couderc” (1971). In the future I’ll try to do the full conversion with railings and ladder. The Saurers will be ready to order soon.

  • 5 October 2016

    Today I have finised the longer and heavier variant of Saurer bus. It was used mainly for long distance trips or in bigger cities. The incoming set of Saurers will include both versions.

  • I decided to create a model of another legendary bus – Saurer 3BLDPL. Saurer engines, trucks and buses always had an opinion of being indestructables and easy to maintain. It is obvious that Rudolf Diesel who invented compression-ignition engine, and worked for Saurer, had a great technical influence in this company. That’s why, when in 30ties Poland started to search the license for […]