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  • The final touches. I used the paints from Vallejo and Faller to finish the road. Than Woodland’s Fine Turf and some of my trees were added to create the greenery. Last but not least I arrayed some of my vehicles and took a couple of pictures. Probably you have noticed two prototypes of excavators. These products will be availabe in our range very […]

  • 22 May 2015

    Today, it was time for base colours. I used the whole Woodland palette. Here are some pictures.

  • A few months ago I bought a very nice set made by Woodland. This is the great product for the beginners. In a big box you may find all kind of tools and materials indispensable for making a couple of small dioramas. I wanted to try out the casting plaster and the casting roll wich I’ve never used before. I started to form […]