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  • 27 November 2017

    Those who are sick and tired of my damn buses may skip this entry on the blog. The good news is I’ve just finished the Skoda/Jelcz familly buses by adding the final element – flexible buses used in Polish towns during 70ties. What a relief ­čÖé

  • 22 August 2017

    After glueing all the pieces together I used acrylic paints and enamel washes to finish the models. As a final touch I made two towing bars from worn out E-string from my Stratocaster and painted them red and white. The cables made from 0,05mm fishing line will be added later.

  • Over half a year I was absent on my blog and far away from 1:700 scale. Lots of coincidences forced me to focus on other matters, but finally im back for good. As a ‘starter’ i decided to make two small conversions of Jelcz/Skoda buses to Road Assistant Trucks. As a “organ donors” I used badly cast buses and trucks AA05 and TA02. […]

  • 15 October 2016

    It’s hard to say anything. Everything is in the pictures ­čśë

  • 30 September 2016

    ┼ákoda 706 RTO, thanx to it’s distinctive design and reliable components, is a legendary bus. The main body designed by Karosa was placed on lowered chassis of the famous ┼ákoda 706 truck, and soon it became an export hit. In Poland, where this bus was produced in many versions by Jelcz factory, earned the nickname “Cucumber”. Over 3000 this amazing buses were exported […]

  • I always liked this truck, although it was extremely unreliable. In fact it was the very first Polish medium truck built after the war. I believe it’s design was a copy of the famous Italian FIAT 682 (maybe that’s why I love it), but the Polish engine and other parts were obsolete and poorly manufactured. I created three versions. The basic variant, Refrigerator […]