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  • 22 August 2017

    After glueing all the pieces together I used acrylic paints and enamel washes to finish the models. As a final touch I made two towing bars from worn out E-string from my Stratocaster and painted them red and white. The cables made from 0,05mm fishing line will be added later.

  • 29 November 2015

    Here is the brand new Man converted to Minol tank truck. This vehicle was used on one of the airports somewhere in Eastern Germany in mid 60ties. I used the prototype of tank semitrailer and some of scratch built elements. Finaly I painted the whole set, put some decals and used Vallejo matt varnish to protect the surface.

  • 18 September 2015

    Some of you ask me what are the differences between the pre war cars. So I placed some of them together and took some “family pictures” to allow you the comparing the size and shape of the body. I hope it will be helpful  😉 Adler, Ford, Fiat Adler and Mercedes Fiat and CWS Fiat and Ford CWS, Mercedes, Ford and Simca […]

  • I love the old fasioned trucks. One of my favourites is Polish Star 25 that had lots of conversions in 50-60ties. One of them was nick-named “Stonka” (potato beetle). It was used mainly for personal transport in the country side, as a workshop trucks or as a generator. I cut the windows out from refrigeration truck., made few copies and painted them. I […]