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  • 18 September 2015

    Some of you ask me what are the differences between the pre war cars. So I placed some of them together and took some “family pictures” to allow you the comparing the size and shape of the body. I hope it will be helpful┬á ­čśë Adler, Ford, Fiat Adler and Mercedes Fiat and CWS Fiat and Ford CWS, Mercedes, Ford and Simca […]

  • 2 August 2015

    This time I’ve made an ellegant coup├ę and a multi-purpose vehicle (that was used as a van, ambulance or military car as well). I think the three colour camo would be great choice for this one. The set will be available next week.

  • 1 August 2015

    I have just finished two more versions of Ford A. First one is a typical coup├ę, which I remember from an old film “Battle of Britain” (some of you may recall the “Yellow Beauty” arriving at the German base ). The second one is a pha├ęton, very common during 20ties. The set including these two versions will be available next week.

  • Another pre war car in our range. Mercedes 170V was an undoubt icon of German car industry in the 30ties. In our scale it can be Adler Trump Junior or Tatra 75 as well. I present you two versions, but two more are already done and will be painted soon.

  • Recently I recieved lots of e-mails from my clients. They asked me to modell a couple of pre war cars. The choice was quite simple. I started with two versions of the typical construction from early 20ties – Ford A. Here are some pictures.