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3D modelling

  • 21 December 2017

    Before the II WW small shipyard in Westerbroek near Groningen was specialized in building coastal vessels. Poland ordered in 1938 three such ships. Only one was completed before the outbreak of the war and named “Bug” (named aftere the river in eastern Poland). Two sisters ships – “Lola” and “Westerbroek” stayed in Nederland and soon were captured by Wehrmacht. After adaptation both became […]

  • 20 December 2017

    Working simultaneously on a couple of ships, I’ve just finished the set of windlass and bitts.

  • 7 December 2016

    What can I say 😉 My 3d model is based on AEC Regent III RT version of London bus with Weyman body. This particular model was built from 1938 up to late 50ties. It was used in many other cities on British Isles. The construction was almost identical to Leyland Titan. The 3d model is only a basic framework. After CNC milling I […]

  • 30 November 2016

    Small town Chambois is very important to me, because my grandfather Alexander fought there as a soldier of 1st Polish Armoured Division in 1944. That’s why I have chosen the keep from this particular town as a reference to  my Middle Ages project. I believe it will be the complement part for HS03 set. Secondly this twelfth-century keep has so typical construction that […]

  • 24 November 2016

    Today I want to show you the gate tower and a bit taller rectangular fortified tower. Next element will be the Norman keep and quay sections with an ancient crane.

  • 18 November 2016

    I was always fascinated by the cutlure, architecture and warfare of Middle Ages. About month ago I started to think about the versatile model system that could allow me to build various castles and city walls. This is my first attempt, based mainly on gothic structures from the State of the Teutonic Order and Poland, but I am interested also in Wester Europe […]

  • 31 October 2016

    Here is my come back to Refinery. This time I want to create the set of destillation towers. I believe it may be quite verstile element suitable not only for industial areas, but may be useful for ports and harbours as well. Work in progress 😉

  • 4 October 2016

    I decided to create a model of another legendary bus – Saurer 3BLDPL. Saurer engines, trucks and buses always had an opinion of being indestructables and easy to maintain. It is obvious that Rudolf Diesel who invented compression-ignition engine, and worked for Saurer, had a great technical influence in this company. That’s why, when in 30ties Poland started to search the license for […]

  • 31 August 2016

    On my virual construction site the key element apeared  😉 Beside main body the hot air blast elements are made and the exhaust pipes as well. This is a basic framework. Some elements will be modified and detailed.

  • This project was on my mind for over three years, but due to its comlexity I strongly believed that creating it from the scratch will be time consuming and very difficult. That’s why I always had something “more important” to do 😉 The situation has changed since I’ve bought the CNC machine and started to use 3D programs. This method allows me to […]