Town Hall – searching for an inspiration

4 November 2016
A couple days ago I recieved an email with a question – why I don’t have a Town Hall kit. Well, maybe because my buildings are suitable for rather small towns, so having the Town Hall was in my opinion a bit too much. But after few hours of surfing in the internet, I found out that actually lots of small towns have quite interesting Town Halls. I tried to concentrate on rather small and versatile form, and finally found some interesting buildings allong previous Polish-German border (Grand Poland, Pomerania and Silesia). I believe this kind of Town Hall will match perfectly the rest of my town sets.

Here are some of the buildings that I like me the most: Gliwice (Gleiwitz), Kościan, Rawicz, Sierpc i Świnoujście (Swinemünde).

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