Normandy farm – step 2

5 May 2015
After 24 hours, the first layer of greenery was dry and ready. I used polyvinyl resin glue to fix the buildings and the wheel in the right places. Than, I used home made mixture of flocks made by Noch to create the backyard plant field. I used this product, because of it’s colour, which is much brighter and fresh than the others. Than i used Fine Turf made by Woodland to plant some greenery close to the buildings to blend the sharp edges. Last but not least the trees were placed around the farm.


  1. MaveRick

    I love this. Great job.

  2. Toshir┼Ź

    Breathtaking colours. Very realistic layout.
    Order is sent ­čÖé

  3. Akara

    I didn’t expect this kind of quality in 1:700 scale.
    Good job mate

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