Building Painting

2 June 2016
I’ve painted IN08 set on my “Coal Mining Diorama”. Here is a list of products and an easy method I use.

Firstly I use acrylic paints from Vallejo to add the base colours. When the surface is dry I add gently vertical streaks of “Wash for wood”, “Wash for interior”, “Engine grime”, “Earth effects” from AK Interactive. As far as metal surfaces are concerned I add also “Wash Light Rust”. Than I blend these streaks,  using brush and “White Spirit” to make them look more natural.

On the dark roofs I use the same technique with “Salt Streaks”, “Engine grime” i “Earth effects”

The water is painted by acrylics, with “Engine Grime” shades and covered by Humbrol Gloss Varnish

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