“Frenchmen” – the second attempt

5 January 2018
“Frenchmen” – it’s a colloquial name of five classic tramp steamers bought in French shipyard Chantiers Navals Français by Polish Merchant Navy in 1927. They served luckily before and during the II WW with one exception. S/s “Toruń” was scuttled and in Gdynia in 1939 and after the Polish campaign used by the Germans. After the war she happily returned to Poland.

Over a decade ago I scratchbiult the “Frenchmen” i 1/400 scale for my son. During the “service” this brave ship survived all vicious Uboot attacks on our carpet. Lost some of it’s railings and the other small parts before the “retirement”.

Pretty soon I will start to build another “Frenchmen”, this time in 1/700 scale. Decals sheet for this kit will include the markings for the sixth ship of this class, named “Circe” and used by French company SNC from Caen. Seventh marking – “Hannes Freymann” – (captured Polish ship “Toruń”) will be available as well.

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