Liverpool Four

13 December 2016
I like an atmosphere of the port cities. Those which fascinates me the most are Liverpool, Hamburg, Brest, Taranto, La Rochelle, Stockholm, Tallin and of course Gdynia. The first two are closely connected with the graetest idols of my youth – the Beatles.

While I was modelling the double-decker i recalled the interview with Paul McCartney who told the story how young George was auditioned at the top of such bus (by the way George’s father worked as a bus driver). Suddenly an idea appeared in my head to create my own “Architectual Liverpool Four”. I mean the four buildings connected with the history of The Fab Four. I found some pictures of four houses where The Beatles spent their early years. They are the typical working class buildings built in a hudge numbers in the whole England besides the industial or harbour cites. Even today they are creating the whole housing estates in the post industial and harbour zones.

Here they are the pictures of John, George, Paul and Ringo’s houses.


  1. Francis

    Interesting post about typical two-up two-downs.

  2. Jess

    Nice idea. Still waiting for buildings and the double-deckers as well.

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