Tank wagons

18 July 2015
Today I want to present you the tank wagons. These are the resin models with the small photo-etched parts. As you can see I designed and tested the set of decals which will be available separately as soon as the wagons. These decals will allow you to finish 48 tank wagons in 28 different variants from all over the world. Some of them you may find on the pictures below.


  1. Air General

    Quality of this models is breathtaking. Waiting for the dacals ­čÖé

  2. Frank

    ARAL and SHELL sets with Bussings looks awsome.

  3. ScreamingEagle

    I’ve got them. They are absolutely perfect.
    Will you offer 4 axle tanks and flat wagons in the future?

  4. evadam

    Aye aye, sir ­čśë Next month they will be ready.
    Two flat wagons – 4 axle (50t) and 6 axle (80t), one tank wagon 4 axle and one covered wagon 4 axle.

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