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  • 31 March 2016

    Next, I put the vallejo acrylics on my trees. I use three colours – Olive Drab, Cork Brown i Red Leather. The same colours but in different proportions on each type of tree. Finally I used matt varnish in spray to protect the trunks and branches.

  • 24 March 2016

    Next stage. I used spray primer from Tamiya all over the trees. Than add some matt varnish and sprinkle the dust from Pol├ík. Finally I sprayed the trunks and branches one more time to fix the whole composition. The overal look of the trees are not very impresive yet, but I hope it will be better soon ­čśë

  • 22 March 2016

    I wanted to adopt an old and well known method to create a bunch of various trees from the copper wire. So I shaped the trunk and the branches. Finally I put some cyanoacrylic glue to fasten the construction. To be continued…

  • 19 December 2015

    Here is my second part of the very short tutorial. At his stage I used “Wash for wood” by AK to paint the trunks, than the whole leaves was painted by “Wash for interior” which is great product. Last but not least I dry brushed the top parts of the leaves using Vallejo “Olive green”. Final touches will be made, as I place […]

  • 13 December 2015

    Here is my short “step-by-step” tutorial how to make very cheap palm trees. All you need is few toothpicks, some water, sharp scalpel and… a bit of patience ­čśë The water is used to soften the wood and make it more flexible. Next step will be painting.

  • The final touches. I used the paints from Vallejo and Faller to finish the road. Than Woodland’s Fine Turf and some of my trees were added to create the greenery. Last but not least I arrayed some of my vehicles and took a couple of pictures. Probably you have noticed two prototypes of excavators. These products will be availabe in our range very […]

  • Firstly you need some dead Goldenrod straws. Using scissors or scalpel form the small “trees”. Put some Hob-e-Tac on the branches and wait 10-15 minutes, till it becomes transparent and very sticky. Duck the three into the leaves (I use Coarse Turf or Underbrush ) and shake it a bit. The thee is almost done. Finally to fix the folliage, you may spray […]