evadam | 2016 December
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December, 2016

  • 13 December 2016

    I like an atmosphere of the port cities. Those which fascinates me the most are Liverpool, Hamburg, Brest, Taranto, La Rochelle, Stockholm, Tallin and of course Gdynia. The first two are closely connected with the graetest idols of my youth – the Beatles. While I was modelling the double-decker i recalled the interview with Paul McCartney who told the story how young George […]

  • What can I say ­čśë My 3d model is based on AEC Regent III RT version of London bus with Weyman body. This particular model was built from 1938 up to late 50ties. It was used in many other cities on British Isles. The construction was almost identical to Leyland Titan. The 3d model is only a basic framework. After CNC milling I […]