evadam | 2016 May
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May, 2016

  • 26 May 2016

    During the Cold War, Poland was responsible for developing radar technologies that were used by Warsaw Pact armies. That’s why Polish radars, like AVIA-W, were built in many air bases all over the Eastern Europe at that time. I designed this radar to place it on my Cold War diorama. I put the 7,62mm cartridge from Kalashnikov, to illustrate the size of the […]

  • In late 30ties Polish government decided to modernize Warsaw suburban lines. Thanks to British asistance E-91 electric multiple units (later known as EW51) were built. Because of its realiablility they were in use up to late 70ties. I decided to place the EW51 on my diorama with small but charming “Świder” station.

  • 10 May 2016

    At that stage I filled the spaces between the cardboard cross sections. As usually I used old papers, than covered them by Woodland’s plaster cloth and their casting plaster which is awesome. After 24 hours I started to shape the hills. Finally I sprinkled fallen plaster particles by PVA glue mixed with water to fix them and protect the whole composition.

  • Next element for industrial diorama is ready. About one inch long beam bridge, suitable for normal and narrow gauge. I’ve used Vallejo “Light Sea Grey” as a base coat, and then applied AK “Wash for wood” and “Engine Grime”. I’ve painted the set of liquid raw material containers using the same technique.

  • Today I’ve started to shape the ground. I used basic tools to cut the cross sections from the 2mm cardboard. Finally I gued them together with PVA glue. The line of the lakeshore is marked as well. To be continued soon.