evadam | 2016 March
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March, 2016

  • 31 March 2016

    Next, I put the vallejo acrylics on my trees. I use three colours – Olive Drab, Cork Brown i Red Leather. The same colours but in different proportions on each type of tree. Finally I used matt varnish in spray to protect the trunks and branches.

  • 28 March 2016

    I’ve finished some of the structures, typical for Warsaw Pact airfields from Cold War period. As a reference I used  plans and pictures of Minsk Mazowiecki air base (located near Warsaw and still operational). Two hardened aircraft shelters are standard constructions designed for smaller aircrafts like Mig21, 23, 29 or Su25. You may notice the modern control tower and elements for garages and […]

  • 24 March 2016

    Next stage. I used spray primer from Tamiya all over the trees. Than add some matt varnish and sprinkle the dust from Polák. Finally I sprayed the trunks and branches one more time to fix the whole composition. The overal look of the trees are not very impresive yet, but I hope it will be better soon 😉

  • I wanted to adopt an old and well known method to create a bunch of various trees from the copper wire. So I shaped the trunk and the branches. Finally I put some cyanoacrylic glue to fasten the construction. To be continued…

  • Today I’ve finished my first two Tatra 111 models. I painted them overal Panzergau and Sandgelb schemes for early Europe and Afrikakorps standard. This amazing truck was widely used not only by Wehrmacht, but also by post war Czechoslovak People’s Army. Ballast tractors based on this model were exported to many communist states. Model will be available soon.

  • Real craftsmanship in our scale.

  • It is not very sophisticated model, but it can be quite useful. During the war Germans widely used this kind of Bauwagen (see the picture). After the war they were present on every building site in the whole European countries.