evadam | 2016 February
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February, 2016

  • 28 February 2016

    Recently I’ve finished ┼ákoda 12E called “Bobina”, an interesting commision work for one of my clients from Czech Republic. I must admit that building such a small model from scratch is always very demanding. But this time the most challenging task was to paint quite complicated pattern. Some wash and pigments was added as a final touch.

  • 27 February 2016

    Recently I’ve found two German destroyers in 1:400 scale I have made… 15 years ago. Z31 is based on Heller model, while Z9 is made from scratch from plastic (as a reference I use JSC paper model). To compare the scales I placed the passenger coach made in 1:700. Time sure does fly ­čÖü

  • 19 February 2016

    This is a brand new set I am working on. Three German diesel locomotives – two axle┬á WR 200 B 14, three axle 360 C 14 and four axle 550 D 14. They were widely used by Wehrmacht during the Second World War.

  • Finally, the brand new products are available. I would like to apologize all of you, who were waiting for so long while I struggled with some complications. Last two months were very difficult for me. Thank you for your patience.

  • 11 February 2016

    Over half a year the storage tanks spent on my shelf waiting for the stack and the main building. Now the whole set is ready. What a relief ­čśë

  • To be honest I don’t know if it’s an airfield or just airstrip… What’s impotrant, the last element of this set is done. The hangar is designed to make it easy to convert by changing the shape of the roof. The doors can be closed or cut and opened.

  • Today I’ve finished the very first set of Atlantik Wall. Besides the radars you have probably noticed two standard Wehrmachtsbaracken and tiny little sentry post. These buildings will be also included in Luftwaffe airfield set. All new products will be available next week.