evadam | 2015 August
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August, 2015

  • 18 August 2015

    For one of my German clients I am finishing a “special order”. Quite small but beautiful locomotive built for a local railway line between Murnau and Oberammergau. This is the last and the most powerfull piece (from the batch of five) made in 1930 and named “Adolphine”.

  • 17 August 2015

    Finally 🙂 Darłowo Lighthouse will be available as many other new sets in September, but you may preorder it now.

  • Phew… after a long struggle with the heat an my server, two more categories and twenty new products are done. Meanwhile some incredibly well printed decals have arrived. Next week they will be available as well. And then… time for hollydays 🙂

  • While the Gibraltar is almost ready, I’ve started the new project. The small Pomeranian redbrick lighthouse from DarÅ‚owo. I’ve finished the main body of the building and designed the photo-etched parts. Some of the small parts like windows are to be done, but I believe the lighthouse will be available very soon.

  • 2 August 2015

    This time I’ve made an ellegant coupé and a multi-purpose vehicle (that was used as a van, ambulance or military car as well). I think the three colour camo would be great choice for this one. The set will be available next week.

  • Today is the 71st anniversary of Warsaw Uprising. Glory to the Heroes!

  • I have just finished two more versions of Ford A. First one is a typical coupé, which I remember from an old film “Battle of Britain” (some of you may recall the “Yellow Beauty” arriving at the German base ). The second one is a phaéton, very common during 20ties. The set including these two versions will be available next week.