evadam | 2015 July
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July, 2015

  • 29 July 2015

    I’ve just finised four prussian steam locomotives – P8, G8, G12 and T9. After the First World War these types were very common across the whole Europe. In some of the countries they were operational till the late 70ties. As a size reference I used an old BR55, my dearest friend from the early childhood.

  • I always wanted to have this iconic structure on a rocky diorama. Maybe that’s why I’ve chosen this Gibraltar Beauty as the first product of the new range. Now I am finishing the main body, while the top part is only the very first attempt, but the overal view is quite nice, isn’t it 😉 Next in the line is Darłowo lighthouse. […]

  • Another pre war car in our range. Mercedes 170V was an undoubt icon of German car industry in the 30ties. In our scale it can be Adler Trump Junior or Tatra 75 as well. I present you two versions, but two more are already done and will be painted soon.

  • Recently I recieved lots of e-mails from my clients. They asked me to modell a couple of pre war cars. The choice was quite simple. I started with two versions of the typical construction from early 20ties – Ford A. Here are some pictures.

  • 18 July 2015

    Today I want to present you the tank wagons. These are the resin models with the small photo-etched parts. As you can see I designed and tested the set of decals which will be available separately as soon as the wagons. These decals will allow you to finish 48 tank wagons in 28 different variants from all over the world. Some of them […]

  • Because of the final touches on my trains I have no time for other modelling activities. To avoid the physical brakedown 😉 I had to do something else just for fun. I want to show you four pictures of the balkonies, which I attached to the buildings during the short brake. The street light was also glued to the wall.

  • In a few days you will be able to find the brand new range of products here. Locomotives, railroad cars and the unique track system will be available.

  • Last week I was in France.  Most of the time I spent in Paris, but I visited Normandy as well. I took some photos of the remnants od the old railway shed in Carentan, because I think about the second set from that station. I was also in St Mere Eglise to visit the very impresive Airborne Museum and the beautiful church. Now, […]