evadam | 2015 June
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June, 2015

  • 30 June 2015

    At last… It took me a lot of time, but believe me, updating the site with the thirteen new products doesn’t happen very often to me ­čśë

  • 27 June 2015

    Today I want to show you the brand new set, which will be available in about two days, as well as many other newbies. The crane may be easily converted to another excavator.

  • 23 June 2015

    I am starting a new project – “A small town somewhere in Normandy”. As a central element of the town I decided to use the church from Chambois set. I thought a sculpture of a “local prince” on horse beside the church would be a good idea, but my second choice was tall statue of Joan of Arc wearing ascethic cloth and having […]

  • Today I’ve finished two types of big semitrailers. One is designed for my B├╝ssings, while the other may be towed by ┼ákoda tractor units. Here are some pictures of them.

  • This week I finished a couple of new models. One of them are two German B├╝ssings. I put the set of brand new decals on them and took some pictures. I hope you are going to like them.

  • I love the old fasioned trucks. One of my favourites is Polish Star 25 that had lots of conversions in 50-60ties. One of them was nick-named “Stonka” (potato beetle). It was used mainly for personal transport in the country side, as a workshop trucks or as a generator. I cut the windows out from refrigeration truck., made few copies and painted them. I […]

  • Firstly i glue the models to the toothpick. It gives me the certitude the paint layers won’t be dameged by my fingers. Besides I have better access to all surfaces. I use soft brushes. I put at least two layers of well thinned acrylic paints. Than I wash and dry brush the whole model. Last but not least I cover the whole model […]

  • The final touches. I used the paints from Vallejo and Faller to finish the road. Than Woodland’s Fine Turf and some of my trees were added to create the greenery. Last but not least I arrayed some of my vehicles and took a couple of pictures. Probably you have noticed two prototypes of excavators. These products will be availabe in our range very […]