Welcome to our site and our product offer designed with scale model enthusiasts and wargamers in mind; nonetheless, we are also hoping to attract a broader community of hobbyists and collectors. Please drop us an e-mail with any comments or suggestions you might have concerning our service and/or content. We are grateful for all input.
All our buildings are modeled by hand, then cast in tailor-prepared gypsum paste. We picked this particular material for a number of reasons: it is perfect for detail rendering, non-toxic, and non-allergenic. While less robust than metal casts, it is almost as durable as commonly used modeling resins, much easier to handle, and more pliable whenever changes are needed. The resulting texture is ideal for a coat of any paint of your choice. Please check out The Workshop tab for some technical information and hints.

We offer products in two scales ensuring a successful blend, in case of urban or industrial developments in particular. The 1:700 remains most popular with marine scale model enthusiasts, while the 1:600 (so-called 3 mm) scale is the wargamers’ choice.

We decided to combine our products in themed minisets, with each unit cast individually, and all front and back facades different. This allows you to pick and mix with ease to arrange unique urban development or industrial site sequences. You can modify individual street sequences as needed by adding photo etched details (such as balconies or shutters) to facades.

While most of our models are universal in style, you can easily add a regional touch to your units by slight modifications to their shape or adding self-made mini components. Painting is a marvelous way of changing the final architectonic form to blend it in with a given region. Timber framing with its black grid is a great example.