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German Bunker Set I

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W skład zestawu wchodzi pięć bunkrów następujących typów:

Regelbau 632 – had type 2P7 three port armoured bell armed with a single machine gun.  The second machine gun was placed in rear casemate to protect the entrance.

Regelbau 633 – bunker for 5cm Maschinengranatwerfer M19I. This was very sophisticated and modern weapon, that could fire 50mm shells at range 20-600 meters with the rate of fire 30-120 per minute. It was operated by the crew of eight soldiers and the amunition stockpile was 3944 pcs.

Regelbau 634 – built in large numbers allong the coast. Single 20P7 armoured cupola for two machine guns was placed on it’s top. The third machine gun protected the entrance. The second element is very versatile

Regelbau 656. It could house the infantry squad or two field kitchens or signal squad as well. It was designed by the Führer himself, thus was called Adolf Hitler’s bunker.

Regelbau 666 – was a forified command post with a small observation cupola.




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