evadam | 2015 May
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May, 2015

  • 5 May 2015

    After 24 hours, the first layer of greenery was dry and ready. I used polyvinyl resin glue to fix the buildings and the wheel in the right places. Than, I used home made mixture of flocks made by Noch to create the backyard plant field. I used this product, because of it’s colour, which is much brighter and fresh than the others. Than […]

  • Firstly I planned the layout. Than I painted the base, using Woodlands acrylics. Next I used home made grass-spreader and Fallers spray to glue the static grass (Polak 1 and 2mm). After about 24 hours some parts of the base were sprinkled by Fine Turf (Woodland again). Finally i plant rows of dark green bushes, along the road and across the field, what […]